A new project I’m working on

A website with my research  honoring the 400+ residents from my small town that were killed during the Second World War.  It aims to ensure that both the tragedy of their sacrifice and the significance of their achievement (and that generation in general) will never be forgotten or taken for granted by future generations:

Screenshot (1065).png

Here is a newspaper article written by the local paper   explaining more about the project.

My new article on the return of US pragmatism to Mid East policy


For two core reasons: 

#1 – “Trump’s position makes Iranian adventurism throughout the Middle East far less likely. It also decreases the temptation of U.S. allies to engage in counter-productive and destabilizing unilateral military operations of their own out of a perceived need to project strength in the face of Iran.”

#2 – “by restoring alliances with traditional allies in the Middle East, Trump’s approach is far more likely to get significant contributions from them, furthering his America First agenda.”

Here’s the Link to the article.

4 reasons why Mr. Tillerson is a brilliant choice for Secretary of State


Today President-Elect Trump announced he has chosen Mr. Rex Tillerson, the CEO of Exxon Mobile, as top US Diplomat. This kind of innovative new thinking is why so many people are excited about the strategic possibilities of the Trump administration.

Four Points to Consider: 

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Wise words on Saudi Arabia from an informed reader

The most informed voices on Saudi politics are quite often those working there over a long-term period, usually in business of some sort.* When there in that capacity, you are part of the system, and  Saudis will interact and engage with you, tell you things etc, in a way that won’t happen with journalists or academics there for a 1 or 2 week visit.

For that reason, I place a very high premium on the opinions of expats in Saudi Arabia for work and mid-level/ rising Saudi managers. A Western reader with elite Arabic skills and who has spent several years in Riyadh for business sent me the below comment after reading my August interview with Greg Gause.

I thought it was too insightful not to share with readers and he graciously allows me to post for RWA readers. Highlights by me:


*Which is also why I consider this book, by an academic, who first worked in Saudi for business, one of the very best books I’ve read on Saudi politics to date.