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My new article for The Hill on US Syria Policy

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Here’s the introduction:

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Here’s the link to the rest of the article. And there is one big way where this policy could go wrong that I mention at the end.


My take on US-Saudi cooperation during the Trump administration

I’ve got a new article for a great website on global politics called The Weichert Report.

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A website I highly recommend:

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Here’s the link.

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My new article for Divergent Options

I’ve got a piece out for a great new website on National Security.

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I make the basic policy argument that a US prioritization of economic empowerment policies in the Middle East is ultimately the best way to combat the inter-related problems of the EU migration crisis and the rising appeal of Jihadism.

The best 40 books I read in 2016

Each is highly recommended

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An excellent Egypt-related book

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For Christmas I received this history of the British SAS during the Second World War. Yesterday I finished reading and highly recommend it. The book is based on first-rate primary source research and is very well-written. For anyone who’s ever lived in Cairo it will at times read like a walk down memory lane.

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MSA “Base” to competence in Algeria part III: Talking about family, hobbies, and buying things in stores

See previous post for more on this topic.

Key point:

North African Dialects are not as  incomprehensibly “different” as they are often made out to be by many in the Arabic studies field.

If you have built up a strong MSA base, and have spent a decent amount of time speaking in any Dialect (250+ hours), you are in a good position to approach the differences rationally and “convert” your skills in a reasonably short amount of time (one month or less).

Three transcripts from Algeria.

Describing One’s Family


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