An excellent resource on Moroccan Arabic

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The website  is filled with interesting practical discussions of a dialect that is chronically under-covered compared to Egyptian and perhaps Levantine. This is truly a great resource for anyone interested in Morocco and the Moroccan dialect. 2 episodes to start off:

#1 – “MBS001 An explanation of the origin and usage of the words “mazyan” and “bizaf.” We also get to know about Abdessamed and the stereotypes American students and other Arabs have about Moroccan Arabic.

# 2- “MBS015 Our live episode was recorded at the University of Maryland.  Chad Ratashak and Mourad Benboussetta discuss the similarities and differences between Moroccan and Algerian Darija.”

2 thoughts on “An excellent resource on Moroccan Arabic

  1. Nathan

    Thanks – a really great website that I will definitely be following on a regular basis. I’d always been looking for good websites on Moroccan, trying to get more of a sense of whether it’s the super far off dialect that some make it out to be…


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