The most brilliant resource on Spoken Arabic I have ever seen

Students looking to develop high-level practical speaking skills should  strongly consider buying this dictionary on Egyptian Arabic.

The book is so useful that I added “Get a Copy ” as a new, stand-alone strategy to last week’s article on 20 strategies for becoming a high-level Arabic speaker.

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What is the Unique Value Added? 

  • Extremely comprehensive in its coverage of spoken Egyptian Arabic (900+ pages).
  • Most importantly – every single term has examples of how it is used, in context, something that must have taken a tremendous amount of time and effort to produce.

For students studying foreign languages, to know only the meaning of term is nice, but more importantly, how do you use it? Most Arabic dictionaries only give the meaning of words. This means that the student has to figure out on their own through trial and error how they are used.  By contrast, with this dictionary the student can significantly Jump-Start that process. Continue reading “The most brilliant resource on Spoken Arabic I have ever seen”