Select Articles from Over The Years: 

The US Strike on Syria Put American Interests First. The Hill. 2017

Back to Basics: The US-Saudi Relationship in the Trump era. Washington Institute for Near East Policy. 2017

President Trump’s Realism Towards Iran is a Stabilizing Force for the Middle East.  The Hill. 2017

Applying an America First Policy in the Middle East. American Greatness. 2017.

Options to Increase Middle East Stability Through Economic Investment. Divergent Options. 2017

Three Reasons for Optimism About a Revitalized US-Saudi Relationship Under President Trump.  Saudi-US Trade Group. 2016

The Potential of Saudi Economic Reforms. Washington Institute for Near East Policy. 2016

Talking Saudi Politics with Greg Gause. 2016

20 Strategies for Becoming a High Level Arabic Speaker. 2016

Not Just Tech: Entrepreneurship in the Middle East. The Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy. 2016

Stop Sending so Many Young People to University. Al-Fanar Media. 2016

To beat ISIS Focus on Economic Reforms. 2015.

Nathan Field Talks International Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age. The UD Review. 2014

Create Jobs or Kiss the Revolution in Egypt Goodbye. The Atlantic Council. 2013

In Saudi Arabia, Need for Continuity Makes Stability Likely. World Politics Review. 2012

The Virtues of a Low(er) Tech Future in Egypt. 2012

Catching Up with Coach Brey. 2011

Salafi Success in the Egyptian elections: Why is anyone Surprised? 2011

The U.S. Should Take A Back Seat in Egypt. WPR. 2011

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Salafi Satellite TV in Egypt. Arab Media and Society Journal. 2009

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Team of Rivals: The Al-Qaeda vs Hezbollah Rivalry.  The National. 2008