About Nathan Field

This website features my writings on Middle East political issues from the perspective of US  national security.

It’s based on a combination of practical observations from a decade spent working in the Middle East, closely reading the Arabic language source material, plus an MA in International Security from Georgetown University.

Some of those experiences include several years as a volunteer English Teacher at St. Andrew’s Refugee Ministry in Cairo, Egypt:


I also spent a couple of years in Saudi Arabia as part of the management team for the UN-sponsored $1 Billion Gulf War environmental remediation program:

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More recently, I spent 5 years building up and then selling a company called Industry Arabic that provided translation services to 300+ high-profile customers in 40 or so countries. Read an article about that here.

And I’ve also been working as a journalist on and off for much of the last decade writing or providing commentary for the BBC, the Brookings Institution, NPR,  The Washington Institute for Near East Policy, the LA Times,  Atlantic Council, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the Hill, The National (UAE),  World Politics Review, Arab Media and Society, and the Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy.  See some select articles here.

Get in touch at nathan.r.field@hotmail.com