My new article on the return of US pragmatism to Mid East policy


For two core reasons: 

#1 – “Trump’s position makes Iranian adventurism throughout the Middle East far less likely. It also decreases the temptation of U.S. allies to engage in counter-productive and destabilizing unilateral military operations of their own out of a perceived need to project strength in the face of Iran.”

#2 – “by restoring alliances with traditional allies in the Middle East, Trump’s approach is far more likely to get significant contributions from them, furthering his America First agenda.”

Here’s the Link to the article.

2 thoughts on “My new article on the return of US pragmatism to Mid East policy

    1. Nathan

      Well the article specifically addresses Saudi “adventurism”:

      “The Saudi war in Yemen is the best example of this. Heavily criticized by US liberals supportive of the Iran deal, it can not be separated from the context of Saudi Arabia feeling abandoned by the U.S. and needing to “act on its own” to project strength towards Iran.”

      It’s pretty simple, if Saudi & other US allies in the region feel like they are “on their own” they are going to do their own thing. Which may or may not lead to results the US thinks are good. So the way to not have that happen is for the US to maintain a strong relationship with Saudi. Obama did not. President Trump is correcting that mistake.


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