Arabic week in Boston

I’ll be attending three excellent Arabic related conferences. If any readers are there and want to meetup, send me an email at

I  won’t have any new posts during this period but here are some good ones from the last few months:

20 strategies for becoming a fluent Arabic speaker

3 tips for learning the overlooked skill of reading hand-written Arabic

How to speak with, write to, and answer phone calls from Gulf Royals

Why did Al-Jazeera’s ratings tank in 2012 but rebound in 2015?

Real World Arabic Interviews with Experts: 

What’s the situation for studying Arabic in Egypt? An interview with the directors of ILI

Talking Arabic as a 2nd Language Strategies with David Wilmsen

Catching Up with Greg Gause on Saudi Arabia

Stop Overthinking: A Chat with the author of Adventures in Arabic and the Arab World


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